Radeon VII Support on Drauger OS

One thing many gamers worry about on Linux is graphics card support. Many gamers and content creators opt for AMD graphics card to avoid this issue and still get great performance on their systems.

Nvidia graphics card users will know that their drivers have their own packages. However, AMD graphics cards do not have this. AMD graphics drivers are baked into the Linux Kernel, and into the Mesa graphics stack. So this can mean that making sure that you have the latest AMD drivers is confusing. And, on normal Ubuntu or Linux Mint, you will have an older graphics driver. But in Drauger OS, this isn’t the case.

In Drauger OS, since we use the latest 4.20 Linux Kernel and Mesa graphics stack, we also have the latest AMD graphics drivers. By extension, this mean we also have support for the new AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card that was recently released. And, since Drauger OS gets rapid updates to it’s kernel and graphics stack, the AMD drivers also get updated rapidly.

These rapid driver updates will provide for faster bug fixes, better performance, and new features coming down the line to Drauger OS users sooner than other distros, and faster than Windows too. Thanks to this, Drauger OS is capable of greater graphical performance in a variety of work loads than Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

So to all you AMD graphics cards users out there, why don’t you try Drauger OS? You won’t be disappointed. And, if you do have bugs, feel free to contact us! We would gladly help you with any problems you have, driver-related or otherwise.

Happy Computing!

Thomas Castleman
Lead Dev

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