A Shift in our Public Outreach

Lately, as many of you are aware, Facebook has been coming under fire for questionable security and privacy practices for a number of months. Also, many of you may be aware that Drauger OS has a Facebook page that we actively keep updated.

Due to these recent privacy and security scandals, Drauger OS Development will be PERMANENTLY DELETING our Facebook page on April 25th, 2019.

Drauger OS Development supports and advocates for security and privacy, especially where it does not harm, or even improves the performance of one’s system. However, we are always trying to find ways to make our network safer and more private for everyone, users and guests alike. To this end, we refuse to maintain a social media presence on a platform with such a wide swath of security and privacy violations. We will never advocate for any company that does anything like that, and then refuses to fix these issues, or refuses to go public about their mistakes the moment they are discovered internally. To this end, we will be deleting our Facebook profile permanently, in protest of Facebook’s abhorrent security and privacy practices.

To make up for this void in our social media presence, we are starting a new Mastodon profile! You can find us on the Nixtodon instance, https://masto.nixnet.xyz , at https://masto.nixnet.xyz/@DraugerOS

We hope to see you all on Mastodon!

Thomas Castleman
Lead Dev
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