Changes in usb-scanner

Many of you many be familiar with our custom Xbox and PlayStation driver daemon, usb-scanner. It uses another app called xboxdrv in order to map Xbox and PlayStation controllers to your keyboard and mouse. This way, you can play games with a game-pad which do not normally allow you to do this.

Unfortunately, it seems like development of xboxdrv has halted. In order to prevent support issues, and in order to improve security, we have decided to completely re-do usb-scanner so that it no longer relies on xboxdrv.

usb-scanner will accrue a number of improvements from this. Including:
* Better support for PlayStation controllers
* Better support for Xbox One controllers
* Support for Nintendo Switch controllers
* Higher performance while taking up less resources.
* More Security

All these improvements are thanks to our re-programming of usb-scanner to be written in Python, instead of the currently used BASH, and use the pynput and inputs Python modules in order to communicate with game-pads and send keyboard events to the underlying OS. This will provide our improved support and, because using this method does not require root privileges, this will also improve security.

If you want to help out with the redesign of usb-scanner, join us on GitHub and check out our code on the page for usb-scanner‘s Python redesign.

Thomas Castleman
Lead Dev
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