Drauger OS One Year Anniversary

Tomorrow, May 4th, 2019, is the one year anniversary for the public release of Drauger OS. Many of you who are veterans in the Linux world may know that many Linux distros do not make it past the first few years of existence. So this is a good first step into becoming a more substantial project.

Of course, the one year anniversary of anything is still important. So, to celebrate this, we are releasing a video on our YouTube (and maybe on PeerTube too). This video is our “State of the Project Address”, a short speech designed to help with transparency with our community, and draws inspiration from the State of the Union Address annually given by the President here in the USA.

For those who prefer to read the address, or for those who wish to translate it for others, you can find a text version of the address here.

The video will be premiering on our YouTube Channel on May 4th, 2019, at 11 P.M. EST. During that time, you can chat with some of the developers of Drauger OS about whatever you want, whether it be support, getting involved, or just other random questions!

We would just like to warn everyone that due to this being our first State of the Project Address, it will not be that great of a video. We are developers, not YouTubers. But, we do plan to get better with time, so bear with us!

We hope you all enjoy the video!

On a side note, we are going to change the way our links are formatted at the end of these posts so that if you are reading this on your phone through an RSS feed reader then it should look better to some degree.

Thomas Castleman
Lead Dev
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