Updates Galore

On June 2nd, there was an update to almost all of our apps in our repository. What was that about? Why did they all get updated? Was there anything significant changed?

Yes there were significant changes. But, you should only really notice them if you have a bug.

Up until now, most of our apps had no error logging of any kind. This meant that developers had to find a way to replicate bugs and errors instead of being able to read a log and potentially just knowing what the problem was. This leads to inefficiency in debugging and makes it so that we can’t help nearly as many people as we would like.

But, with this update, that all changes.

All the apps that got updated had error logging added to them. These logs are stored in the /tmp folder on your computer, inside another folder with the same name as whatever app it is logging for.

Being in /tmp, the logs will reset every time you reboot your computer, so they shouldn’t take up too much space overall. And, they never leave your computer unless you intentionally send them to someone.

However, a word of caution against sharing them: they do contain some sensitive information (what kernel you are running and your host name). While in a future update this information will be reduced, for now we only suggest sharing them if necessary.

Of course, some other updates where released too. mrai, our all-in-one front-end for apt, snapd, and flatpak also go reorganized. If you use mrai, you probably noticed it has a lot of bugs now. We have another massive update coming soon that will fix these new bugs, along with several others, and will add more output coloration to draw your attention to certain events.

As for our website, we have had a few updates for it as well. Several old links have been updated and we almost have an RSS feed ready to go!

All in all that’s what has been going on this past week at Drauger OS Development. And we might had more going on next week. So stay tuned for more!

Thomas Castleman
Lead Dev
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