We’re getting better!

Of course we’re getting better. Why wouldn’t we be?

All joking aside, we have some big news to share with everyone! Starting this week, and for the foreseeable future, we are partnering with the CYGO Network to bring all our users a little closer together.

CYGO Network is a social media network ran by one of our own contributors: Logan L Johnson. Together with Neotidev Developers Organization, and NixNet, we are partnering to bring a better gaming experience to our users.

Currently, Drauger OS users will get a special account on CYGO Network where they can talk to other gamers and get support on the upcoming Drauger OS Forums. In the future, you may see even more integration between CYGO Network and Drauger OS, features such as allowing for automatic game detection, easy live streaming, and even a desktop app for CYGO Network are all being discussed and may be implemented in the future.

As clarification, we would like to point out that a Drauger OS user will never be required to make a CYGO Network account. And you will not be required to have Drauger OS to get a CYGO Network account either. However, if a Drauger OS user does decide to sign up for a CYGO Network account, they will gain access to features, tools, and other integrations in the future which will only be available to Drauger OS users.

In doing this, we hope to grow our community, and make getting support easier for everyone. We also hope to improve the state of Linux gaming as a whole, leading the way in community outreach and Linux gaming awareness outside of the Linux community.

We hope to see you on the CYGO Network!

Thomas Castleman
Lead Dev
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