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Sorry for the sporadic update cycle everyone! Things have been getting crazy in our personal lives, due to a variety of reasons. We are unsure when stability will resume, except that late December should, ironically, be fairly reliable as far as how this cycle is supposed to work.

Continuing on to the topic for this post, we have some development updates! We haven’t been able to do much these past couple weeks, but what we do have to mention is important!

First off, system-installer got an update that disables it’s internal partitioner. Instead, it is currently using gparted. This is being done to decrease the number of bugs we are dealing with, and will be reverted later once the installer is working for the most part.

Second off, the long awaited completion of the rewrite for mrai is finally done! It took something like 4 times longer to complete than we expected, but we are now doing debugging before we merge these changes into the main branch of the mrai GitHub repository.

An overview of some of the changes that comes along with this rewrite:

  • mrai now supports GitLab URLs as well as GitHub
  • URL inferencing has been removed due to GitLab URL support. More URLs will be supported later as well.
  • You no longer need to put commas between packages to be installed, just list them like you would with apt, snapd, or flatpak
  • the –list flag should now work as a “search installed” type of function now when passed a package name
  • the –find flag will now let you know if a command is a shell built-in
  • mrai will no longer clone git apts to the $HOME/.mrai folder, but instead to the local cache it uses to keep up with what apps are installed. This is to done to improve performance and improve update reliability for these apps.

As always, the source code is viewable on our GitHub. Feel free to fork us, or even contribute through a pull request.

Our next target is going to be the antiX ad-blocker we are refactoring. We are unsure how long this will take right now.

To learn about what happened with our server issues this past week, check out the latest episode of the Drauger OS Podcast, coming out this Wednesday!


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