More development updates and a special podcast episode

Good Monday to everyone! Most of the work we will be talking about in this blog post is work we have done development-wise on system-installer.

In the past week, we have gotten system-installer to fix the Plymouth boot theme so that the Drauger OS Plymouth theme is shown on boot-up. For those who may not know, this is the animation you see on screen when your computer boots up and it hasn’t gotten to the login screen yet.

Some other fixes we have added are some more EFI fixes, as well as correcting the function that checks for internet connectivity, and correcting offline mode in general.

Finally, we have added greater file system support for both the root and home partitions. There are still some bugs with this we are working out but it should be mostly working.

Now, on a special note, we will be having a guest on the Drauger OS Podcast this week! Our very own web developer, Logan L Johnson, will be hopping on to introduce himself, and most likely to talk about our recent data breach. So, check out this weeks episode of the Drauger OS Podcast on Wednesday!


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