Re-basing Drauger OS 7.5.1

Despite no blog post last week, we don’t have a lot to report on this week. But we will do what we can!

First off, Drauger OS 7.5.1 Alpha 2 has been re-based to Ubuntu 20.04 (the nightly release), from Ubuntu 19.10, despite what we said in a recent podcast episode. This was done to provided more time to handle bugs with the re-basing. And this was a smart idea.

We have already encountered one bug with our code, exclusively on Ubuntu 20.04 which for some reason made it so that multiple output streams writing to the same file threw an error. Thankfully, this was easily taken care of since we could just send everything to stderr and it would be sent to that file anyways.

Also, we would like to point out that, according to our Trello road-map, we have completed everything required for Drauger OS 7.5.1 Beta 1. This being said, Beta 1 will not be released significantly early. Instead, we plan to cram in more bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Otherwise, we don’t have much to report.

However, we would like to take a moment and acknowledge the time of year.

Here in the US, we recently had Thanksgiving. So, even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, we would like to pause for a minute and give thanks. Over the past few months our community and social recognition has grown. This has helped us at Drauger OS catch serious issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

So, we would like to say “Thank You” to everyone who has helped Drauger OS, whether that be contributing code, writing a review, or just spreading the word.

Thanks to you, Drauger OS is what it is today. Without you, we would never have got this far. So, Thank you.

As the holiday season rolls around, our development cycle will slow as we make time to spend with our friends and families. But, development will continue. We hope to have reached alpha 3 by the end of the year. While that aim is optimistic, we feel we can do it. However, our blog post and podcast episodes may become more sporadic until sometime around mid-to-late January.

Happy Holidays!


Thomas Castleman

Lead Dev, Founder

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