Bug fixes

We hope everyone had a great holiday season! We’re excited to get back to work here at Drauger OS Development, bringing you the best Linux gaming distro out there.

These past couple of weeks we have been working on fixing a couple bugs with system-installer. One of these was interfering with the data being passed between scripts. We have since fixed this issue and data appears to be transferring correctly between scripts.

We have also fixed another bug where a user cannot view data they have already put in in system-installer when they go back to a given page. This was fairly simple to fix and added very little code.

The next bug we plan on tackling is something where the mount command for the root partition is not working. It seems like mount is not getting passed the parameters necessary, but we are not entirely sure yet what exactly is going on. More testing is needed.

In the mean time, we are going to see about performing a UI overhaul on some apps. One of the ones that needs it the most is drauger-welcome, our welcome screen. This shouldn’t be terribly hard, but many bugs are likely to ensue to some degree.

Looks like we got a lot of debugging ahead of us! We have a lot to do before our January 31st, 2020 deadline!

On a final note, there will be no podcast episode this week. The podcast will be resuming next week.


Thomas Castleman

Lead Dev, Founder

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