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Sorry we are a day late with this blog post everyone! We had some scheduling conflicts.

It’s no secret that since system-installer is MUCH younger than Ubiquity and Calamares, there are some features and bugs that we have that either of the others haven’t had for years. One such issue is support of a separate /home partition. system-installer does support a separate /home partition, but numerous bugs will crop up if a user attempts to install Drauger OS using a pre-existing /home partition from another OS.

In the past week we have been working on bugs like these. In the coming week we plan to continue tackling them so that users of other OSs can pull in their own data as they see fit. This will mean some things, such as the Drauger OS Xfce layout will be lost in these situations. But if a user has used Xfce before and hasn’t deleted their old config it is likely Xfce will pick up on it and immediately support it. This goes for things such as the default wallpaper as well. Although, in that case the config file pointing to the wallpaper will be lost, not the wallpaper itself.

This coming week we plan to tackle a bug where system-installer doesn’t recognize that a user’s home folder doesn’t exist. We imagine that it won’t overwrite it but we would rather be safe than sorry. And we would rather catch and fix these bugs now than when Drauger OS 7.5.1 is publicly available.

We didn’t have much else to go over for this blog post, and what little we do have to talk about we will leave for the podcast coming out tomorrow, so be sure to catch that!


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