Home Sweet Home

This week we mostly worked on adding separate home partition support to the auto-partitioner in system-installer. This would make it easier for people with multiple Linux distros, or who jump Linux distros a lot to carry over their data and their configurations much easier. Implementing this change required a few key features to be added:

  • Knowing whether we need to create the home partition or not
  • If we don’t need to create one, then we should be sure not to delete the user’s data
  • If we do need to create one, let it have most of the drive space, since Steam and Lutris games take up a lot of space

We have most of these down at this point. Our only issue is if there are other partitions in the way some parts of making the partitions we need may not work. We are in the middle of trying to figure out how to make the partitions more intelligently. But for now, if you don’t want Drauger OS to take up an entire drive, we suggest using manual partitioning. Otherwise, auto-partitioning should work just fine.

Other than working on home partition support, we also have been working on fixing several bugs in mrai. These mostly have to do with leftover code from before some of our optimizations last week. So once we fixed or removed those we had fewer bugs. And in some places may even have slightly smaller binaries.

In other news, we are going to look at moving more to a “pay what you want” model for Drauger OS 7.5.1. There will be a button to get Drauger OS for free though. This will likely be implemented for the Stable release.

This is being done because, between Logan and I, we feel pulling in some more revenue will make Drauger OS more sustainable in the long term. And by actually getting money for this, we can focus on Drauger OS more and test on more hardware as time goes on. I personally feel that implementing this on the Stable release instead of the Beta is the best idea for doing this because it gives Logan time to get everything working and secure, while also not asking more of the Beta testers who are already giving their time and effort to test Drauger OS.

Of course, Drauger OS will always remain free. Paying for Drauger OS will be entirely optional. And we will never ask on Beta releases. This is not a change to our ethos of having a free, open-sourced, Linux-based OS that makes gaming not only enjoyable but also easier. This is just our way of asking more directly for donations and support from our community.


Thomas Castleman

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