Beta 1 Release Date

We have a lot of new stuff this week, including the release data for Drauger OS 7.5.1 Beta 1. So let’s hop in!

First up, our development progress on some of the apps we have been working on.

This week, we made a couple fixes to system-installer, as well as adding a sort of post-install bug catcher. That way, things that often don’t work during installation can have a last minute fix at the end of the installation process so that the user won’t have to deal with some of these bugs. We also fixed a segmentation fault in mrai and also added a new check in drauger-installer to make sure that the package being installed is a supported architecture for your CPU.

Furthermore, we have begun working with Xfce developers to assist in up-stream development. We hope to make Xfce more user-friendly, while also maintaining it’s small memory and CPU footprint.

Finally, the big moment I’m sure most of you reading this skipped to. The release date for Drauger OS 7.5.1 Beta 1 will be March 21st. Our initial target release date was March 14th. But it came to my attention that I won’t have good internet that day, so uploading the ISO file would take a significant amount of time. So by pushing it back a week I will have better internet and be able to upload the ISO file in a much smaller amount of time.

For those wondering, the ISO will NOT be on SourceForge. It will be on our website. With this release we are moving away from SourceForge more so that we are more easily able to monitor and know if access to our ISOs, or any of our other services, goes down. We will also have better tracking of our download numbers for the State of the Project Address in May.

We can’t wait to share this release with the world! This release is going to be so far ahead of the last release it won’t even be funny.

Look forward to the next release, on March 21st!


Thomas Castleman

Lead Dev, Founder

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