Less than a week!

That’s right! Less than a week! To what? Why to the Drauger OS 7.5.1 Beta 1 release!

I’ve been hard at work this week fixing bugs with our kernel configuration. There were 4 major bugs in Drauger OS 7.5.1:

  • The ISO would boot from BIOS, but not UEFI
  • No network access, period
  • Graphics in VMs where broken
    • It had a small 1024×768 window and wouldn’t scale up
  • FAT32 partitions would fail to mount

Most of these came down to drivers for each somehow getting disabled at kernel build-time. But now that they are re-enabled, Drauger OS is working flawlessly on just about anything I throw at it.

In other news, our team made some Press Materials for anyone out there who wants to do a write-up about Drauger OS. These Press Materials are aimed at covering this upcoming beta release and outlining all the major changes and important features about this new release.

Courtesy of Mark Dougherty, there are screenshots of Drauger OS 7.4.1 included, along with screenshots of Drauger OS 7.5.1, to show the changes visually. Also, a new contributor from our Discord who goes by Ninja-San, translated the write-up I provided into German, after Mark edited it. You can find our new Press Materials here, under “Media”.

As of now, I am currently debugging system-installer yet again, in preparation for the release. But, it is expected that Drauger OS will be up-and-running by this Saturday.

Thank you to all our contributors, new and old. Having help is HUGE, and gives me more time to put in the effort Drauger OS deserves to make it even better.

Look forward to this release! It’s gonna be good!


Thomas Castleman

Lead Dev, Founder

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