Beta 2 Of Drauger OS 7.5.1 Has Arrived!

Here’s a summary of the changes since Beta 1.

System Installer

Certain drop-down menus have been updated as the user changes the one above. For instance, when setting the time zone, if you change your mind about setting the region, the sub-region list will now get updated accordingly.

The installer has squashed quite a few bugs — one of which includes fixing the login loop when specifying a separate home partition.

Finally, after installation, users can send an installation report to Thomas. You can include certain or all aspects of your hardware setup, including your CPU, GPU, RAM, and disk partitioning info, as well as send a custom message. Sending the report obviously requires an Internet connection, and may be a bit buggy.

When previewing the report, scroll all the way to the bottom, then move right to find the “Send Report” button. Bear in mind, this will take roughly two minutes to finish, so don’t go anywhere.

If everything went well you should get this message:

Do note that, should you abort sending the report, you’ll have a hard time trying to send it again, as the window will get messed up.

If in the case Thomas doesn’t get your report, you can always send the installation log (system-installer.log) found in /tmp during the live session or in /var/log post-installation. For more information on what sending the installation report does, check out Thomas’ blog post.

Drauger Welcome Screen

The welcome screen that appears post-installation has received a few minor updates. First, the hyperlinks have been updated to ensure you don’t get a 404 error in your web browser. The font can now be changed in the Accessibility settings menu. The tutorial has also been updated to better reflect where everything is in the Xfce layout.

General Changes

blueman has been added, to give Bluetooth support out of the box.

It is now possible for Drauger OS to support multiple languages, though currently we only have English available. If you’re able to help out with translation, contact us.

Thomas has made his own file manager for Drauger OS, called xfce4-desktop-service. With this, we no longer need to have a separate file manager installed to manage our files and folders on the desktop. Template files can be made in ~/Templates. Bear in mind, this file service is still a little buggy, and some features aren’t working, such as being able to rename folders on the desktop.

Lutris and Gamehub have been added as shortcuts under the Steam icon on the left desktop panel. In addition, a new Xfce panel profile has been added, to give the desktop a look-alike to Deepin 20.

Regarding security fixes, mitigations have been made for CVE-2020-8835.

Download Beta 2 from the Downloads page. Please give Drauger OS a go and let us know what you’d like added or improved next!