Introducing: myDrauger

Hello, everyone

As you may already know, I am the lead web developer at Drauger OS Development. With the upcoming new stable release of Drauger OS, which has been overhauled and improved exponentially, I thought such an event warranted much the same for the Drauger OS website. As you browse around the familiar site, you will notice that some small details in the design may have changed, as well as new features, layouts, etc. Most significant is the new myDrauger.

Catching up just a bit;

The Drauger OS website is now being hosted on a more secure server, which has allowed us to expand our online infrastructure. With this, the apt package repositories are now hosted on a separate server entirely. This should help to provide redundancy and prevent any significant security issues.

What is myDrauger?

Formerly, we had a very simple help desk ticket system in place that integrated with our website. I had began thinking about the idea to expand upon this in February 2020. A few months after, when Thomas and I discussed it, we decided that it was a good idea. At its initial addition just a little over two months ago, it only served as an improved user front-end for the help desk system.

With the most recent and drastic changes I’ve made, myDrauger can be summed up as a single account that provides everything Drauger OS-related that one could possibly ever need. In this release, myDrauger includes a very simplistic frontend for managing your interactions with the Drauger OS blog, as well as managing support tickets with the help desk system. Not only this, but now available is the myDrauger community; which includes a multitude of community forums for help, specific questions, assistance, and discussion centered around Drauger OS in general. It is my opinion that the community will find this feature to be of great use once it becomes established.

Does myDrauger use any third-party resources or collect my information?

myDrauger will only collect the information which you provide through user input; including your username, first/last name, email, password, and any of your contributions to the community. None of this information is sent to any third-party organization, and it never will be. We strive to be entirely respectful of our users privacy at all times. myDrauger uses no third-party resources either, the entirety of myDrauger is hosted on the same network and will never include third-party content from content delivery networks. myDrauger and the Drauger OS website do not use any sort of user analytics as is outlined in our privacy policy.

Questions, feedback, or suggestions?

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment on the blog post below, make a topic in the myDrauger community, email me at, ping me in the official Telegram channel (@humbletyrant) or the Discord server (@HumbleTyrant#7317).

I look forward to continuing the development of myDrauger, and providing Drauger OS users with the best possible online and support experience.

Logan L Johnson

Author: Logan L Johnson

Founder and Director of CYGO Network, lead web developer at Drauger OS, civil liberties activist, Linux enthusiast, Photoshop master, graphic designer, horticulturist, cultural and artistic historian, connoisseur of art glass and fine antiques.