Drauger OS 7.5.1 Beta 3 – What’s New

The Beta 3 release mostly focuses on bug-fixing and behind-the-scenes changes to the overall experience. In addition Drauger OS has now moved to the Xanmod kernel — more details below.

System Installer Bug Fixing and Other Minor Changes

Most of the back-end of system-installer has been rewritten in Python, allowing for an even faster installation. Some bugs have also been addressed during installation.

A new feature that has been added with system-installer is the ability to use Quick Install. After installing Drauger OS, the user can dump their installation settings to a configuration file. The file can then be loaded for future installations without having to configure the settings again. Check out Thomas’ wiki post for more info.

Since Drauger OS does not use Launchpad for issue tracking, apport has been removed so Launchpad doesn’t get bug reports from us.

The Welcome screen has a minor UI makeover:

New Kernel

An issue with the previous beta was the lack of DKMS support — therefore preventing the NVIDIA drivers from working. To address this, Beta 3 now uses the Xanmod kernel. The Xanmod kernel also provides a very slight performance boost over the mainline kernel. Thomas has decided to hold off from using an compiled in-house kernel until Drauger OS 7.6.

Users who do not need DKMS support and want a more responsive experience on lower-end machines, can opt-in to use the more up-to-date linux-xanmod-edge or linux-xanmod-rt-edge kernels.

That’s all for now. 7.5.1 becomes stable in September.