Drauger OS 7.5.1 and Mirrors Now Available

That’s right folks! After 6 months of testing, bug fixing, feature additions, and even more testing, Drauger OS 7.5.1 is now available in its full, stable release!

A LOT of changes have gone into this release. If you want to see all the changes that were made you, can check out our Change Log here. But, as a quick overview, here are some of the most major changes since Drauger OS 7.4.1:

  • Re-based to Ubuntu 20.04
  • Switched from Liquorix kernel to Xanmod kernel
  • Removed pre-installed PPAs
    • Packages we were trying to use from those repos have been pulled into the Drauger OS repo
  • Replaced SystemBack (our old system installation and back up utility) with an in-house system installation utility and Timeshift for back-up
  • Reduced ISO file size by roughly 45%
  • New Xfce layout
    • The old Xfce layout is still available in the Xfce Panel Profiles menu.

These are a LOT of changes. And some are pretty huge. So, we expect that Drauger OS 7.5.1 will be seen as the BEST release of Drauger OS to date.

A quick note to all Drauger OS 7.4.1 users

If you have not seen the notices yet, as of today, September 5th, 2020, Drauger OS 7.4.1 is no longer supported. Please re-install Drauger OS with the latest version in order to have an up-to-date installation. For more information, check out our last blog post.

Many Thanks

A LOT of people helped this release come to fruition. The biggest thank you’s go to the contributors on the Our Contributors page. All of them helped Drauger OS get to this point, whether through something as big as an Xfce Panel Profile re-design (thanks to Logan L Johnson for that), or something as small as beta testing a BUNCH (thanks to not just all our contributors, but everyone who tested out the beta for doing this!), or even just fixing a typo!

In two years, we will release Drauger OS 7.6, but in the mean time, we will not be idle. We have plans for the time until then, including working on Drauger OS on ARM, expanding Quick Install, and more. So stay tuned so you don’t miss the next big accomplishment!

New Pay-What-You-Want Model

As some of you may have noticed, we have transitioned our Downloads page to a new “Pay What You Want” model. This means that when you go to download Drauger OS, you will be asked to donate, in order to help support development efforts on our part. You can still download Drauger OS for free. We stand by what we have always said: Drauger OS is 100% free now, and always will be. No one will ever be forced to pay to download, install, share, modify, or use Drauger OS.

We implemented this because Drauger OS is not financially viable at time of writing. Logan and I have been continuing development on Drauger OS because this is a passion project for us. We enjoy working on it, helping our users, and giving them the best gaming experience possible. However, we sink so much time, effort, and money into Drauger OS that we need something other than pure enjoyment to validate what we do. To show to the world that what we do has benefited us more than just providing some entertainment and coding practice.

At time of writing, all donations are going towards new hardware for both Logan and myself, both to speed up development and to provide hardware to test on. Ideally, at some point we would like donations to be substantial enough that Drauger OS Development can be turned from more of an idea, into an actual organization, paying myself, Logan, and others in the future, a living wage. And providing us with an excuse to work on Drauger OS all day. Because for us, getting paid to do what we love is the ultimate dream. And we love working on Drauger OS, with the Drauger OS Community, and on free, open-source software in general.

Apt Repository Mirrors

In other news, we now have two mirrors of our apt repositories, thanks to FossHost.org, who are providing these mirroring services to us, free of charge.

If you are running Drauger OS 7.5.1, an update went out earlier this week which contained a file defining the URLs for these mirrors.

One of these mirrors can be accessed via https://uk.mirrors.fossho.st/draugeros/apt . This mirror is located in Sheffield, England.

The other mirror can be accessed via https://us.mirrors.fossho.st/draugeros/apt and is located in Los Angeles, California.

Our main repository is located near Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you would like your updates to download quicker, please change line 46 of your /etc/apt/sources.list file from:

deb https://apt.draugeros.org zombi main

to have the URL of the mirror closest to you. So, if you live in Europe, The UK mirror would be closer to you. To switch to it, modify the line above the look like this:

deb https://uk.mirrors.fossho.st/draugeros/apt zombi main

Alternatively, if you live in some parts of Eastern Asia, Alaska or Western Canada, Mexico, or any of the many oceanic countries in the Pacific Ocean, the LA mirror would likely be closer to you. So, you would be better served setting that line to have this:

deb https://us.mirrors.fossho.st/draugeros/apt zombi main

Alternatively, if you are not sure which mirror may be closer to you (some parts of Central Asia, Central America and South America, Central United States, or Central Canada may fall into this camp), or you just feel lazy and want to let a program handle figuring this out for you, you can run the Python code below and it will tell you the fastest mirror for your location:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# The above line is used to ensure we are running Python3. Do not remove
#import a function we need. This library should already be on Drauger OS
from subprocess import check_output

# Function to get a list down to only unique elements
def unique(starting_list):
    # initialize a null list
    unique_list = []
    # traverse for all elements
    for x in starting_list:
        # check if exists in unique_list or not
        if x not in unique_list:

# Ping the mirrors
def ping(mirror):
    # We need just the domain name, so we have to parse things down a bit
    mirror = mirror.split("/")[2]
    command = ["ping", "-c", "10", "-q", mirror]
    print("PINGING %s" % (mirror))
    # get the ping times
    output = check_output(command).decode("utf-8").split("\n")[-2]
    return float(output.split("/")[-2])

# Read Mirrors file
with open("/usr/share/python-apt/templates/Draugeros.mirrors", "r") as mirrors_file:
    mirrors = mirrors_file.read().split("\n")

# Remove comments and empty lines
for each in range(len(mirrors) - 1, -1, -1):
    if mirrors[each] == "":
        del mirrors[each]
    elif mirrors[each][0] == "#":
        del mirrors[each]

# get only the unique mirrors
mirrors = unique(mirrors)
# Get our ping times
pings = []
for each in mirrors:

# Determine which mirror is fastest
fastest = mirrors[pings.index(min(pings))]
# Tell the user
print("The fastest mirror for you is: %s" % (fastest))
print("""Due to program complexity, I will not edit your /etc/apt/sources.list
for you. To do so yourself, run `sudo apt edit-sources' and edit the line that
says `deb https://apt.draugeros.org zombi main'.""")

This code should work whether you are reading this on release day, or a few years in the future, provided that Python3 and the package iputils-ping are installed.

I would however, like to note that these mirrors are several hours behind the main repository in our testing. We usually only update our repository once or twice a week anyways so this shouldn’t be a huge issue. But, if you want your updates as soon as they are available, you may want to consider staying with the main repository.

Also, please note that this program WILL NOT edit your sources.list file. You must do that yourself. If you feel uncomfortable with this, then we advise sticking with the main repository, which is the default on Drauger OS.

Thanks again to FossHost.org for helping us set up these mirrors. We can’t wait to being more mirrors online so that everyone can update their systems in a timely manner.