Drauger OS Game Night #1

Hey everyone! We’re going to be having a game night on March 6th, 2021, at 2PM EST! Feel free to join in! We’ll be going for at least 4 hours, playing Minetest, Halo: Master Chief Collection, CS:GO, and Don’t Starve Together.

All these games, except Minetest, can be found on Steam for either cheap or free. If you want, you can play one game the whole time, go through the gauntlet with everyone, or just hop into Mumble chat and hang out!

Also, very important:

We are not requiring anyone to be running Drauger OS. We prefer you run Linux for this, but since we can’t block you from joining on Windows or MacOS, people running those are welcome to join as well.

Furthermore, all users will be expected to follow the Drauger OS Community Guidelines. To summarize what this means: Be respectful of others.

For instructions on how to join the Minetest server or Mumble Channel we will be using, check out our Wiki post about these services.

I look forward to hanging out with everyone Saturday night! See you all then!