The Future of Drauger OS

First off, let me alleviate any fears:

Drauger OS is still under active development, and will continue that way for the foreseeable future.

Drauger OS is NOT being discontinued. Nor did we get bought by a company. But, the following news is still important.

A Contingency Plan

For a couple years now, I have been worried about what would happen to Drauger OS if something were to happen to me. Almost no one has access to all the necessary code. And no one has the credentials to access and manage the Drauger OS organization and repositories on GitHub.

So, after a heated discussion with one of our main Contributors, I came to the conclusion that now is the time to fix this situation, and ensure the future of Drauger OS is secure in the community’s hands.

The New Administration

Up until now, Drauger OS has been something of a dictatorship. And, while I did try to be diplomatic about things, a lot of decisions where made without consulting the community. Under this new administration, that won’t be as much of an issue.

We now have a council, a team, who makes the large decisions in the Drauger OS community. People will be elected to be a part of this team on a yearly basis. Of course, not just anyone is eligible to be a part of this team. However, it is a way for the community to decide what happens to Drauger OS and how Drauger OS Administration handles itself and the community at large. Furthermore, this team, known as the Core Contributor Team (CCT for short) can also control our side-projects, such as Vetala and GCDE.

This being said, I am not giving up all power just yet. As the Founder of Drauger OS, I want an active role in the future of Drauger OS. So, I am taking on a new position known as the Core Project Manager (CPM). This position can oversee the CCT, and in crisis situations, can even act independently of the CCT in order to protect Drauger OS. However, it also makes it so I am no long the one in primary control. That power belongs with the CCT, as they can easily strip me of my power or overrule decisions I try to make, should the necessary conditions be met.

The First Administration

The first CCT has already been appointed. This first CCT was appointed so as to get it up and going. However, there will be an election this coming week for the Assistant Core Project Manager.

Policies and Protocols have already been adopted that dictate how decisions will be made, and what behavior is expected of ALL Contributors, as well as CCT members. All these policies and protocols will be published for all to see on the Drauger OS website soon.

Upcoming Election

This Sunday, July 18th, we are having an election to choose the #2 position in our new chain of command: the Assistant Core Project Manager, or ACPM for short.

There are 3 requirements to be eligible for this position:

  • The Candidate must have earned a spot on our Contributors page.
  • The Candidate must have been a Contributor for at least 3 months.
  • The Candidate must be at least 18 years of age (this will be raised to 21 later)

Meeting these 3 requirements, we have 2 Contributors running for the ACPM position:

  • Logan L Johnson

    Long time Contributor, website developer, and UX/UI advisor, Logan has been around Drauger OS since extremely early on. He has been the longest contributing member of our community, and has dramatically changed Drauger OS for the better. He helped us get our first website off Wix, designed our current website, made the default Xfce Panel Profile in Drauger OS 7.5.1, and even hosts our current website for us. Without him, Drauger OS would be no where near as credible as it is today.

  • Senlis

    Senlis has been contributing for around 4 months, but has helped numerous times in finding bugs, helping users fix issues with their systems, and creating infrastructure to test apps for issues. While still new to the community, Senlis has been of invaluable help in furthering desktop-side development. Furthermore, since he is working on earning his Sec+ certification, his help will be even more important in the future.

Want to get to know these two people? Have questions about their qualifications to become the ACPM? Want to ask them other random Linux-y questions? Well have we got a prospect for you!


Sunday, July 25th, at 7 PM, we are going to have a couple short interviews with each of our Candidates on our Discord Server‘s Stage channel. During that time, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of both the Candidates, provided those questions follow our Community Guidelines.

We look forward to navigating this transition with you, and hope that this will make Drauger OS not only a truly community-driven project, but also ensure it far outlasts all of us.

Catch you all at the Interviews!

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