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Infantry Infantry

I installed Drauger as my second OS for the gaming, and so far it's good and an absolute mess at the same time. I might sound like a nagger, but I just want to point out things that will annoy and repel new users.

First of all, Drauger is not user friendly. Drauger OS tutorial is completely useless to anyone who already worked with linux, and new users that will can learn everything just by playing around. Instructions on how to update everything are on rock bottom of guide to installing, and doesn't mention that there are programs that can do that for user. Updating and installing drivers should have their own pinned wiki article, just so users new to linux have easier time.

Then there are problems with Software Updater, Additional Drivers, and Lutris. Software Updater and Additional Drivers does not work properly unless started with terminal command, I don't know where the problem is. If preinstalled Lutris does not work, then don't install it at first place unless you really need it for dependencies. On a side note, all .exe files are set to be opened by archive tool, not wine.

Overall, Drauger runs great after all updates are done. I don't mind the hassle of getting things straight, but there should be a big red update button in Drauger Welcome. You should also take a glance at Garuda and it's Gaming menu where all programs and emulators can be easily installed by couple of clicks, it might improve Drauger experience even further

Topic starter Posted : 02/02/2021 12:20 pm
Logan L Johnson
Member Admin

We appreciate your feedback and are aware of some of these various issues. If you've been following the blog, our Telegram channel, or Discord server, you know our lead developer is constantly working on fixing these critical issues. A new ISO was released today which includes software updates as well as improvements and bug fixes to system-installer. If you would like to improve the tutorial or our documentation, we welcome you to contribute to the project in order to improve the entire community's experience.

Posted : 20/02/2021 11:49 am
Thomas Castleman

Hi! Welcome to the community!


We're very aware of how Drauger OS isn't quite new-user-friendly yet, and that we have a lot of bugs. That's kinda what happens when you only have one dev for the desktop. It takes time to get all the bugs ironed out.


That being said, as Logan said, we do appreciate your feedback. I was unaware of the issue with *.exe files! I'll make sure to get that fixed in a future ISO refresh.


But there won't be an update button in Drauger Welcome. That's why there's an option to update in the system installation utility. 😉 

Posted : 20/02/2021 3:13 pm