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Eric R

My name is Eric, and while I'm fairly experienced in Windows OS environments, I'm pretty new to Linux. But I'm an avid gamer so this seemed like the distro to check out, so here I am.

Topic starter Posted : 18/01/2021 7:02 am
Logan L Johnson
Member Admin

Welcome to myDrauger, and thanks for giving Drauger OS a try, Eric! I'm the web developer for the project but I can try to answer any of your questions to the best of my knowledge. Of course, I'm sure our lead developer, Thomas will chime in as well. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions 🙂

Posted : 18/01/2021 9:01 am
Thomas Castleman

Welcome Eric! Feel free to ask for help if you need it! It's what we are here for!

Posted : 20/01/2021 5:19 am