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Pipewire not working? This might help you out! Pipewire Troubleshooting Guide

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When I upgraded my Drauger Zombi 7.5.1 to the latest version, codename Strigoi, it was supposed to solve my problems with Pipewire since codename Zombi but it didn't and here's a list of steps that I did to finally make it work.

1. $ sudo apt purge pipewire
- Causes pipewire to be removed and apt to automatically install pulseaudio
2. Restart AKA sudo shutdown -r now
3. As a normal user AKA non-root user, execute:
$ ln -s /run/user/1000/pulse/ pulse
Reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/voidlinux/comments/ncsrtk/comment/gy75wpg/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
4. In case you still have a config folder in etc for pipewire, do:
$ mv /etc/pipewire /etc/pipewire-old
5. Purge pulseaudio to make apt install pipewire
$ sudo apt purge pulseaudio
6. Install the other packages that didn't get installed but was part of the DraugerOS Upgrade Script:
$ sudo apt install libspa-0.2-bluetooth pipewire-audio-client-libraries rtkit
7. Purge pulseaudio's other packages that we no longer need:
$ sudo apt purge libpulsedsp libspeexdsp1
8. Close every single application you can close just to be sure. Also, ensure that you remove all saved sessions in "Session and Startup" application - you can search this from the start menu.
9. Restart from the start menu - don't use the terminal just to be sure.
10. Congratulations! Pipewire should be working now, but if not, please report to us!

On a side note, Steam's Linux Runtime actually uses Pipewire and they contain reference configs for a working setup which might help you in-case the steps above didn't work. It is attached in this post.

Topic starter Posted : 09/12/2021 4:06 am
beta seeker

Correction on step#3:

$ ln -s /run/user/1000/pulse/ $HOME/.config/pulse

Topic starter Posted : 15/12/2021 9:25 pm