Download Source Code

So ya wanna download the source code for Drauger OS, eh?

Well alright then! Just a quick bit of info:

If you wish to download the source code for one of the custom apps pre-installed on Drauger OS, please refer to our GitHub page.

However, if you want the source code for the OS itself, you can download that below.

Please note that it also comes with the source code for all our apps, as well as scripts we use internally to do things such as log how much time we put into developing Drauger OS, scripts we use to build the ISOs for us, and the back up script we use to back up all our data. These are all included because it is assumed that if you are wanting the source code, you most likely want to contribute to Drauger OS in some way. Having these scripts makes it MUCH easier to get started with contributing on the OS itself.


The chroot included in this *.7z file is for the upcoming version of Drauger OS: Version 7.5.1. This is still in alpha stages right now.

With all that out of the way, here’s the link to download all the source code goodness!

Unfortunately, our source code is currently unavailable due to a back-up script rewrite. We will make our source code available as soon as this rewrite is complete.