Our Contributors

We believe that all our contributors should be recognized. However, getting onto this page is a special recognition.

Everyone on this page has been working with Drauger OS for at least a month, and has contributed at least 10 commits either to our website, and/or to one of our GitHub repositories.


Lead developer, founder of Drauger OS, and the one who came up with this stupid idea.

Contributor since the dawn of time

LOGAN L JOHNSON | HumbleTyrant

Web Developer for Drauger OS, in-house aesthetics smart ass, WordPress god, cannot ride a bike.

Contributor since 2018

AMOLITH | Amolith

Designer of our logo, security advisor, and devil’s advocate

Contributor since 2018

MARK DOUGHERTY | cow_killer

Writer, editor, tester of all things good, voice of reason

Contributor since 2019


Translator of the sacred texts

Contributor since 2020