Positions Available

The following positions are volunteer only. We currently have no paid staff.

All positions can be applied for by:

Messaging us through the Drauger OS Development Telegram Group

Emailing us

Social Outreach

PositionNumber of Available PositionsDescription
Customer Support Rep1 – 2Interact with users on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Mastodon to find solutions to issues and answer questions.
Social Media Manager1 – 2Manage social media accounts (Mastodon and Twitter).
TranslatorFlexibleTranslate English into a variety of languages.


PositionNumber of Available PositionsDescription
Back-end Dev1 – 2Optimize and secure back-end software, fix back-end bugs
Front-end Dev1 – 2Optimize front-end code, fix front-end bugs
Kernel Dev1 – 2Optimize and secure kernel code, fix kernel bugs and push fixes up-stream
Junior Web Dev1Assist in development and optimization of our website.


PositionNumber of Available PositionsDescription
Documentation Manager1 – 3Write documentation that is clear and easy to use and understand about code being developed for Drauger OS
Assistant Project Lead1Keep other contributors accountable, take over in the absence of project lead, provide feedback and guidance on project components.