Positions Available

The following positions are volunteer only. We currently have no paid staff.

All positions can be applied for by:

Messaging us through the Drauger OS Development Telegram Group

Emailing us

Social Outreach

PositionNumber of Available PositionsDescription
Customer Support Rep4+Interact with users on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Reddit to find solutions to issues and answer questions.
Social Media Manager2Manage social media accounts (Reddit and Twitter).
TranslatorFlexibleTranslate English into a variety of languages.


PositionNumber of Available PositionsDescription
Back-end Dev3Optimize and secure back-end software, fix back-end bugs
Front-end Dev2Optimize front-end code, fix front-end bugs
Kernel Dev1 – 2Optimize and secure kernel code, fix kernel bugs and push fixes up-stream


PositionNumber of Available PositionsDescription
Documentation Manager1 – 3Write documentation that is clear and easy to use and understand about code being developed for Drauger OS