Drauger OS Development is committed to giving it’s users privacy both on their OS (Drauger OS), and their website ( Below details the use of cookies, user analytics, bug reports, and more.


Cookies are used on the Drauger OS website in order to provide the login functionality for myDrauger. Without cookies, logins would immediately expire.

User analytics

We don’t collect user analytics because that’s not cool.

Bug reports

Bug reports collected on Drauger OS itself are sent to Here, the open-source community as a whole works together to solve bugs. While in the future bug reports may also be sent directly to Drauger OS Development, at current time, none are. Sending bug reports to Drauger OS Development is entirely at the option of the user of the OS at any given time. If you wish to send a bug report to Drauger OS, please fill out our bug report form or email us. For more information on how deals with bug reports, please refer to Canonical Ltd, the company that owns and operates LaunchPad, and their privacy policy.

Data we collect

Drauger OS itself does send Drauger OS Development, but this process is opt-in and post-installation. Users will not be prompted to send data to Drauger OS Development unless users attempt to complete an installation. What data is sent, and what this data is used for is provided to users during this process. Any further information about this data and it’s uses can be obtained by contacting us. However none of the data collected will be shared with third-parties due to privacy concerns.

The Drauger OS website,, does not collect any data unless it is submitted by the user in their myDrauger account or otherwise through the bug report form/support system.

How we use your data

Data collected from any user is used in an aggregate data pool wherever possible. Data is only used in a non-aggregate way when a user contacts us with a specific, edge-case bug or issue. This is done with the user’s knowledge as Drauger OS Development works with them to fix the bug or issue.

Any data in any aggregate pool is used to improve all of Drauger OS Development’s services, not just the service that the data was collected from.