Community Guidelines

These rules are in place to protect users, and ensure the Drauger OS community is fun for all. We are a meritocracy, but that doesn’t give developers or sys admins the right to disrespect or belittle users. Everyone demands an equal amount of respect and courtesy. In supporting this philosophy, ALL community members are expected to follow these guidelines, no exceptions.

  1. Be respectful of all users
  2. Keep the server SFW (No nudity/pornography or links to such content). Light profanity usage is okay. However, please keep it to a minimum for the underage people in our community.
  3. No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from a staff member.
  4. No illegal content
  5. Threads labeled chat or general may be used for discussing anything anyone wants to talk about, provided it follows the above rules.
  6. Nicknames are subject to the same moderation rules as messages are (Rules 1, 2, and 4)
  7. Do not DM anyone with the moderators , admin , CCT Members and/or CPM/ACPM roles unless provided explicit permission to DM an individual, by the individual in question.
  8. When entering a server with roles, please ping admin and let them know whether you use Drauger OS, are interested in contributing in some fashion, are looking for more information, and/or something else. This is not to discourage you from joining the server. This is to attempt to weed out bots, and provide real people with whatever role suites them best as soon as they enter the server.
  9. Roles are designated for each of the following groups of people. Some people fit in multiple groups and thus have multiple roles. Not all services offered support roles.
    1. users : Users of any Drauger OS version, whether that be in a VM for testing, or using it for gaming on a daily basis, or something completely different.
    2. beta-testers : People who run beta versions of Drauger OS, or test otherwise code that is beta or alpha level to help with testing. Typically these users are a little more familiar with the system as they are more likely to have to dig to find logs or fix bugs.
    3. devs : Developers of any software used by Drauger OS
    4. translators : Translators who help translate Drauger OS apps from English into whatever other language.
    5. admin : Administrators/Moderators/Core Team Members, these are the people who have made a profound impact on Drauger OS for the better and work to help us improve. They are often very knowledgeable about the system, and (usually) contribute often.
    6. editors : People who edit or write any of our documentation or other literature for clarity and accuracy, or just simply fix the human’s grammar and spelling.
    7. moderators : Self-explanatory. If it is deemed that an assigned role is not suitable for a user, that role may be revoked for both security and organizational reasons.
    8. Roles may be revoked as a precursor to kicking or banning a user if disciplinary action is deemed necessary.