Game Fixes #1: Warframe on Linux

Author: Alfir


Disclaimer: This procedure wasn’t tested on Drauger OS, but on Zorin OS: another Linux distro also based in Ubuntu. The specs of the computer I played on aren’t really the best, having a Nvidia GeForce 930MX, a 7th gen Intel Core i5 , and 8GB of RAM. It is a laptop so specs-wise there shouldn’t be any problem on higher end machines, in other words if my laptop can run it, your dedicated gaming computer more than likely will too.

  1. Start Steam and go to preferences to enable Steam play (you need to do this since Warframe only works natively on Windows).
  2. To enable Steam Play, go to: Steam->Settings->Steam Play. Mark both check boxes and select any Proton version as seen below, I would recommend the latest.
  3. Without the last step, Steam will not let you download Windows-only games, so you need to do this to install Warframe.
  4. Once downloaded and installed, it will setup Proton to make the game run on Linux. This doesn’t work, but you still need to let it go through this process. You can try running the game, it may start but it will break at the launcher as seen in this thread.
  5. The solution, as seen in said thread, is a custom Proton made for Warframe and other games,  made by GloriousEggrole.
  6. Once downloaded, you have to decompress the file and copy its contents to ~/.steam/steam/compatibilitytools.d
    1. By default this folder doesn’t exist and is also hidden, so you might have to go to your home directory, press CTRL + H (turn on hidden files), click .steam, then steam. Make a folder: compatibilitytools.d
  7. After that, you need to open Steam again and go to Warframe. Open its properties, and enable Warframe to use a compatibility tool, here you select the custom Proton that you downloaded as seen below:
  8. Open/play Warframe through Steam. The custom Proton will do some patching and the game will be good to go.

For reference I visited these sites while trying to make the game work: