Using Feral Game Mode

feral-game-mode is a pre-packaged version of the GameMode app under development by Feral Interactive. This app does a number of things in order to give you better performance while gaming. Most notably:
* Changes the CPU governor from the default “ondemand” state to “performance”
* This is an attempted change from Drauger OS 7.4.1 Beta 1, it increases the clock speed of your CPU and GPU in order to get more performance when needed.
* Changes to I/O scheduling to further decrease latency
* Sets the running game to a higher priority in an attempt to ensure Drauger OS allows the game to use more resources

Together, these features should help some people get more performance out of Drauger OS for some of their games. In order to use it:


  • For Steam Games:
    • Go to your Library and right-click on the game you want Feral Game Mode to run on. Go to Properties > Set Launch Options
    • If the game runs on Linux natively (it WILL NOT say “Runs on this computer via Steam Play” next to the Play Button), in the “Set Launch Options” window text box, type in gamemoderun %command%
    • If the game DOES NOT run on Linux natively (it WILL say “Runs on this computer via Steam Play” next to the Play Button), in the “Set Launch Options” window text box, type in gamemoderun before the %command%, if there is anything already in the box. If the text box is empty initially, simply follow the instructions for the Native games above.


  • For games installed from the package manager:
    • Find the game in the Application Menu on the top panel, right click on it and select “Edit Application”, under “Command” add gamemoderun to the beginning of the line.
    • Alternatively, you can also open a terminal and run gamemoderun ./game, replacing game with the command to launch the game.


  • Lutris Games:
  • In Lutris, click the gear icon next to “Runners”. Go to “Linux” and click on the gear icon next to it. Then under “System Options”, scroll down to “Command Prefix” and add gamemoderun. Continue this for each runner you wish to use with Feral Game Mode.


This should give you better performance, and by doing this for specific games, things such as emulators or games that run in WINE/Play-On-Linux or Proton should see a significant boost in performance.

If you have another game distribution client (like Steam, Lutris, or the Epic Store), which runs on Linux, that you wish to have instructions for included here, let us know!

If you have any issues with feral-game-mode, please hop onto our Telegram Support Group, or our Discord Support Server. Let us know you are having issues and the nature of your problem and we will gladly help you out! If you discover a bug we have no direct control over, we will get in contact with Feral Interactive and work with them in order to get your issue solved.