drauger os
A Preview of the DraugerOS Desktop.

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Download Info: 3.8GB | Ver. 7.6

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What is drauger os?

Drauger OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux desktop gaming distribution that ships with many modifications and optimizations over stock Ubuntu that are intended to improve gaming performance and the gaming experience. From simple changes such as swapping Gnome out for the light-weight Xfce Desktop Environment and using a dark GTK theme by default, to more complex changes such as using a kernel compiled in-house and replacing PulseAudio with Pipewire. Drauger OS is built from the ground up with our primary focus on performance.

Is drauger os right for you?

Whether you're an Avid PC Gamer looking to squeeze more performance out of your rig, you want to have more control, or simply want to try out Linux, Drauger OS may be right for you.

But, Drauger OS is not for the faint of heart.

Like it's namesake, Drauger OS is capable of breathing new life into old computers. However, again like it's namesake, it requires maintainance from time to time, and issues cropping up are not uncommon. Drauger OS is developed by a small, passionate team who don't get paid anything for their work. As such, bugs may sometimes be common. Therefore, users who are new to Linux may want to look elsewhere to gain experience before taking the plunge with Drauger OS.

Goals of drauger os

Drauger OS is designed explicitly for gaming.

This being said, any sufficiantly advanced user can easily use Drauger OS to do anything from streaming, video editing, and audio production to everyday usage. However, you may encounter issues in the process due to the gaming-related optimizations.

If so, feel free to hop into our Discord Server or Telegram Group to get assistance.
More ways to contact us for support can be found on our Contact page.