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USB drive will not boot Drauger OS live environment

Problem: After using Rufus to install Drauge rOS onto a bootable usb, Drauger OS is unable to boot to the live environment

Solution: Ensure Rufus is operating in "dd" mode

Nvidia Video driver issues

Problem: When running a machine with an Nvidia GPU, you notice graphical issues such as being stuck at a low resolution, failure to launch UI or slow rendering.

Solution: For any graphics card newer than the 10-series, run:

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-latest

Blacklisting Nouveau

Problem: After installing a specific Nvidia driver version and rebooting, the system is still running Nouveau

Solution: We need to blacklist Nouveau by creating installing the following package

sudo apt install disable-nouveau

Steam fails to launch

Problem: Upon trying to launch Steam, you received the error

Fatal error: Failed to load steamui.so

Solution: Try running the following command

sudo apt install --reinstall libva-x11-2:i386

Booting to initramfs/busybox prompt on first boot

Problem: After installation of Drauger OS, the computer boots only to an iniramfs and/or busybox prompt.

Solution: Reinstall Drauger OS, but ensure the "install updates during installation" and "install restricted extras" options are disabled.