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USB drive will not boot Drauger OS live environment

Problem: After using Rufus to install Drauger OS onto a bootable usb, Drauger OS is unable to boot to the live environment

Solution: Ensure Rufus is operating in "dd" mode

Nvidia Video driver issues/poor performance

Problem: When running a machine with an Nvidia GPU, you notice graphical issues such as being stuck at a low resolution, failure to launch UI, poor game performance or slow rendering.

Solution: Install closed source Nvidia drivers per the following instructions:
Note: Do not install drivers from Nvidia's website

Depending on which Nvidia card you have, follow the instructions in A, B or C.

A) If you have a 900 series card or newer, run the following command:

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-latest

B) If your card is older than the 900 series, check Nvidia's Website to see which driver corresponds to your graphics card. If it is the latest Nvidia driver (530 at the time of writing), run the following command

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-latest

Note: You can see what the latest Nvidia drivers packages are available in apt using the following command and looking for the highest numbered driver release

apt search nvidia-driver

C) if you card is older than the 900 series and the driver listed on Nvidia's Website is older than the latest driver, do the following:

Install, through apt, the package that corresponds to your driver. If the latest available driver is 470, run

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-470

You can use the apt search command example in section B to see which Nvidia driver packages are available.

Next, install the disable-nouveau package

sudo apt install disable-nouveau

Lastly, whether you followed the instructions in A, B or C, reboot your computer.

Blacklisting Nouveau

Problem: After installing a specific Nvidia driver version and rebooting, the system is still running Nouveau

Solution: We need to blacklist Nouveau by creating installing the following package

sudo apt install disable-nouveau

Steam fails to launch

Problem: Upon trying to launch Steam, you received the error

Fatal error: Failed to load steamui.so

Solution: Try running the following command

sudo apt install --reinstall libva-x11-2:i386

Booting to initramfs/busybox prompt on first boot

Problem: After installation of Drauger OS, the computer boots only to an iniramfs and/or busybox prompt.

Solution: Reinstall Drauger OS, but ensure the "install updates during installation" and "install restricted extras" options are disabled.

Receive "Invalid NULL filename" error upon attempting to update

Problem: When attempting to install a Flatpak or update the system, the computer displays an error messages that ends with "Invalid NULL Filename:

Solution: Run the following command

sudo flatpak repair