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Version 7.5.1 Beta 3 is out now!

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Drauger OS 7.4.1 is built off of the Liquorix low latency Linux kernel, a pre-compiled ZEN kernel designed with a balance between latency and throughput in mind. To further enhance this, Drauger OS uses a modified Xfce desktop for improved performance and configurability.


Drauger OS is designed with security in mind, while also sacrificing as little performance as possible. With this balance, we aim to make a gaming platform that not only is pleasurable, but also safe to use.

Is Drauger OS right for you?

If you are running a computer made sometime during the past 10 years, regularly play games found on platforms such as Steam, and your computer meets our System Requirements, then Drauger OS is right for you!

Support on a personal level

At Drauger OS Development, the organization behind Drauger OS, we work hard with individuals to help them get Drauger OS up and running and to fix any issues they encounter. If you experience any issues, please join myDrauger or contact us.

Open-Sourced, Open-Minded

We make sure all the code we develop is open sourced. Just like how we make sure to be open minded when getting advice (or criticism) from others. We appreciate any and all feedback! It’s what helps us get better for everyone.

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One account for everything Drauger OS

With a myDrauger account, you get access to the Drauger OS community, where you can confer with developers and other Drauger OS users, as well as access to the support ticketing system, and a convenient place to manage blog post interactions.

We’ve created one of the most innovative and comprehensive support solutions in the Linux community for our users.