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Privacy Policy

Drauger OS Development is committed to user privacy both on the OS (Drauger OS), and their website (draugeros.org). When selecting packages to be included with Drauger OS, priority is given to open source packages that respect user privacy. However, data collected by those applications are governed by the application's privacy policy. Additionally, social media platforms used by the Drauger OS community are governed by the company's privacy policies.


Cookies are not used on the Drauger OS website.

User analytics

User analytics are not collected by Drauger OS

Bug reports

Drauger OS does not collect or send bug reports automatically. When an OS error occurs which could generate a bug report, the user is given the option whether to submit a bug report and has control over what information is submitted.

In other circumstances where a bug is found, please join our community. Doing this allows for our community to work together to fix each other's bugs and find solutions faster than otherwise possible.

Data we collect

The Drauger OS website processes, but does not retain, the following information as part of routine website operations:

  • IP address
  • Location data (for the purposes of selecting the best download mirror for your location)

Additionally, a counter for number of OS downloads in aggregate is stored. This data is not tied to users or IP addresses.

Third parties

Drauger OS does not send any data to third parties with the following exception.

Bug reports collected on Drauger OS itself may be sent to LaunchPad. Here, the open-source community as a whole works together to solve bugs. For more information on how LaunchPad deals with bug reports, please refer to Canonical Ltd, the company that owns and operates LaunchPad, and their privacy policy.

How we use your data

Data collected from any user is used in an aggregate data pool wherever possible. Data is only used in a non-aggregate way when a user contacts us with a specific bug or issue. This is done with the user’s knowledge as Drauger OS Development works with them to fix the bug or issue.

Any data in any aggregate pool is used to improve all of Drauger OS Development’s services, not just the service that the data was collected from.

Contact us

Any further information can be obtained by contacting us.